In this section you are going to look at some photos and video of conferences, educational activities, photos and videos from camera traps. All by LIFE project Ibriwolf. In particular you can look at:

-some photos and videos related to the Actions C.1 and C.2  On removal of wolf-dog hybrids in Maremma and Mount Amiata

- some photos and videos  related to the Actions C.3 - Maintenance of wolf-dog hybrids in captivity at the CRASM Semproniano

- some photos and videos related to the Actions C.6 - Awareness campaign on the impact of stray dogs on natural ecosystems

- some photos and videos related to the Actions D.3 - Scientific Symposium - management of the presence of wolf-dog hybrids (Natural Park of Maremma)

- some photos and videos related to the Actions D.4 Symposium - management of the impact of wolf-dog  hybrids (Theatre Of Unanimi in Arcidosso)

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